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”The profound changes in the theme of WORK have presented the challenging topics for the Changing Faces collaboration. The issue has been studied and discussed in a practice-based way in residences that our network has organised for the artists. It has also been theorised in the conferences we have held, the last one just a week ago in Liptovsky mikulas, in Slovakia. Tim Strangleman, one of the keynote speakers in the first conference in Sunderland 2005, outlined the depth of the changes during the last three decades in terms of the ways in which we understand and experience work. Now, three years later, at the Polar Circle in Rovaniemi Art Museum, the very same themes are interpreted in the 2006/07 Changing Faces commissions. ... ”

Kimmo Lehtonen

Director of The Centre for Creative Photography and a curator of WORK #3 Changing Faces exhibition at Rovaniemi Art Museum in October 2007.