Photographer: Martti Kapanen | Year: 2006

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Kapa (Martti Kapanen)

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Petteri Kivimäki

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Petteri Kivimäki, photojournalist
T:mi Kamera-Petteri
+358 - 40 - 531 2266
Lehtokatu 24 40630 JYVÄSKYLÄ Finland

Jarmo Koponen

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I am a visual artist who finds photography as one of the favorite means of expression. I started photographing actively a couple of years ago, and contarary to the trend switched from digital to film and all manual cameras. Most anything will qualify as a subject matter, as long as the light and the mood are right.

Juha Nurmisaari


Satu Sihvo

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Satu Sihvo, visual artist. I have taken digital photos since 2001 and still itching for computer aided images and image compositions. Welcome to see my other works .

R.C. Snellman

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Pekka Suomäki

Timo Vuoriainen

Contact: tel. 050 5210 862 and e-mail:

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